Special Needs Clients Competed in Spartan Race for The First Time


Some 13 YMCA of Singapore special needs clients competed in the Special Spartan Heat, part of Spartan Race’s National Stadium Stadion/Kids event, for the first time. Ranging from rope climbs to caterpillar crawls, they scaled across various obstacles in an adrenaline-pumping session over the span of a Saturday afternoon.

YMCA special needs client, 11-year-old Muhammad Nafiz Bin Suleiman, said he would join Special Spartans again if given the opportunity. “It was cool! I loved the pool and running in the race.”

Our YMCA Strong ambassador, 29-year old Harun Rahamad, is a strong advocate for others like him in going beyond themselves and overcoming these obstacles. Despite having cerebral palsy, Harun has completed 5 Spartan Races and is a well-known veteran in the Spartan Race circle.

“I am not defined by my physical condition and taking part in Spartan Race helped to strengthen that perspective. The focus is all about crossing the finish line and finishing well,” said Harun. “I hope to inspire others to go out of their comfort zone and start achieving their dreams and goals.”

First started back in 2010, Spartan Race has organised more than 130 races around the world annually – offering signature obstacles that involve mud, barbed wire, walls, rope and fire. Beyond that, Spartan Race seeks to empower children with special needs by crafting obstacle courses for them, under the banner of Special Spartans.

“By partnering with Spartan Race, YMCA of Singapore aims to strengthen persons with special needs in going beyond and realising their fullest potential,” said Steve Loh, General Secretary & CEO of YMCA of Singapore.

“The special needs community have incredible untapped potential waiting to be unlocked, explored and celebrated,” said Meagan Douglas, Outreach & KIDS Race Director of Spartan Race, Singapore.

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