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    Community Services

    YMCA of Singapore serves local and overseas communities to enrich the lives of the less-privileged. YMCA also provides emergency financial assistance to needy families and provides purposeful work training opportunities for individuals with special needs. YMCA also reaches out to out-of-school youths and youths-at-risk to integrate them back into society with meaningful programmes and activities.

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    YMCA International House (YMCA @ One Orchard) offers guests a range of clean and affordable accommodation within the heart of the city. Additional facilities such as function rooms and the The Social Kitchen @ YMCA are available as well.

    As a social enterprise of YMCA, surpluses generated from YMCA International House (YMCA @ One Orchard) are channelled to fund YMCA community service programmes.

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    YMCA aims to groom volunteers and build capacity in its volunteer corps. YMCA also seeks to build character and cultivate young adults into responsible community champions who are able to make positive contributions to the community. YMCA facilities corporations to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

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    YMCA organises programmes and activities to develop the Body, Mind, and Spirit of its members. Members also enjoy use of our facilities and are engaged to help serve the community through YMCA’s various programmes.

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    Healthy living

    YMCA promotes healthy living through wholesome programmes ranging from fitness and dance to outdoor and adventure.

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    YMCA International fellowship and events

    YMCA of Singapore is a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs, and Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs. Delegates from Singapore participate in global YMCA events and work with overseas counterparts to develop best practices and serve the community.

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    YMCA education services strive to provide a holistic education to nurture caring, honest and responsible individuals. Students from YMCA Education Centre are given opportunities to contribute to the community. YMCA Education provides schooling options from pre-school to the tertiary level.

    As social enterprise of YMCA, surpluses generated from YMCA education services are channelled to fund YMCA community service programmes.

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    YMCA runs programmes and activities to bring cheer to beneficiaries, groom volunteers and empower youth. Surpluses from our social enterprises are only able to meet part of the running expenses of these programmes. YMCA raises funds to augment the surpluses to sustain these programmes.