Teams pull out all the stops for YFC 2018 Selection Interview

A total of 117 of 131 registered teams participated in the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2018 Selection Interview on Saturday (28 April 2018). The highly-motivated teams, which hailed from schools across Singapore, put their best foot forward to be selected as part of the YFC programme.

100 teams were selected and empowered with resources such as seed funding, training and volunteer mentorship to execute their self-initiated projects to raise public awareness, funds and mobilise volunteers for Social Service Organisation (SSO) of their choice.


YFC judges pose for a photo with the cupcake they received from one of the teams.

One team had a member who performed a song, one team had a member who performed on her guitar, another offered judges samples of the food they intended to bake in support of their cause, while another had a member who turned up in crutches to help his team try to make the cut.

Come meet some of the interesting participants who turned up for the interviews!

The Trouper


Jeff (pictured) from Dunman High School, turned up for the Selection Interview in spite of his injury.

“It was unplanned. I sprained my ankle playing tchoukball,” said YFC hopeful Jeff Siow, from Dunman High School. “We planned for this project for a long time, so I really wanted to participate in this interview. I want to show my support for my team and show I am committed to this project.

When asked about his thoughts on the YFC programme, Siow, whose team aims to raise awareness about animal cruelty, described it as a “great opportunity”. He mentioned that “YFC can offer us a better platform to serve. Through YFC, we can reach a wider audience and also carry out our project smoothly.”

The Singer


St. Joseph’s Institution student Ng Ren Jie Dale Everett, another YFC hopeful, sang for the judges in a bid to help his team clear the selection interviews. Ng explained that the song was part of his team’s project, which aims to help dispel the stigma surrounding youths at risk.

“When we talk about music, there is that emotion behind the music, and how do you show the emotion? You can’t just tell a person it is going to be a sad song. You have to show it to them, so we gave the judges a live demonstration of what our song is going to be like. When you actually sing it, they can hear the emotion in your voice and they know,” said Ng.

And how was his singing?

“11/10. Will listen again!” said his teammates.

The Aspiring Guitarist


While she looked calm and collected after the selection interview, Cassandra, from a team hailing from YMCA of Singapore’s very own Project Bridge said she had been a bundle of nerves when she faced the judges.

“I felt very nervous but at the same time proud. You are trying to show that you learnt [a skill] from Project Bridge and want to show the world what you learnt,” said Cassandra.

She explained that while she plays in a band, she did not play the guitar, and only recently learnt how through informal music lessons with her peers. Her team, which wants to reach out to youths-at-risk through informal music lessons, had her perform to demonstrate these sessions were indeed effective when it comes to imparting musical skills.

“We not only want to touch them through music but through team-bonding, character building… to promote a clean image through music,” added her teammate Rena.

The Proud Teacher


Ms Rafidah (left), with a team from Hai Sing Catholic School

While she may not be the one going through the interview, Ms Rafidah, a teacher from Hai Sing Catholic School (HSCS), said she felt as excited as the teams from HSCS were during the event. She said she was very proud of her students for coming together to take a crack at qualifying for the YFC programme.

“They have become more united, more bonded after doing this project. They try to brainstorm, and definitely showed a lot of teamwork!” said Rafidah.

“After they selected the organisation they wanted to help, they went to do more research on it, and found out a lot of things. They even searched YouTube to find out more. They felt that they really needed to help,” said Rafidah, adding that her students have become much more aware about social sector issues as a result of their research.

Rafidah said she found the YFC website very informative and liked the programme’s structured approach.

“YFC has everything under one roof, from [information on] the way they are supposed to do their presentation to how they are going to conduct it and things like that.”

YFC 2018 Official Launch

This year’s YFC programme will launch on 16 May 2018. President Halimah Yacob will be gracing the event as the Guest-of-Honour. We look forward to kickstarting this year’s YFC with the 100 teams, mentors, social service organisations, teachers and guests!


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Written by Han Wei Chou

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