Raising $280,000 To Upskill Volunteers; Golfing Amid COVID-19


Some 130 esteemed guests golfed for good at the YMCA 21st Charity Golf 2021 on 12 March, raising some $280,000 for the YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme. The programme recruits volunteers and enhances their capabilities to carry out social service with excellence.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the golfers, who constituted a total of 32 flights, were split up and staggered to ensure social distancing measures were maintained. Despite these new measures that limited social interaction, the guests enjoyed the experience and worked together to raise funds in support of volunteerism.

“We are moved by the continued support of our partners, volunteers, and guests. Regardless of the pandemic, they showed solidarity and the desire to make a positive impact on society, while continuing traditions in innovative ways,” said Mr Ee Kuo Ren, Chairman, YMCA Charity Golf Committee.

The YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme includes the YMCA-NUS Business School Volunteer Service Management Programme, a certified course that imparts knowledge and skills to volunteers, and the annual YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteer Awards Night, which recognises and celebrates volunteer contributions to encourage long-lasting impact-making. In 2020, the YMCA mobilised over 600 volunteers to impact the lives of some 9,000 local and international clients.

YMCA volunteers played an essential part in major YMCA COVID-19 relief efforts last year, including two food distribution projects that supported local businesses and provided food to close to 8,000 people in need including seniors, migrant workers, lower-income families, and persons with special needs.

“Volunteers are key in implementing many community service programmes that benefit the wider society. By sustaining the YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme, these volunteers are empowered to build a warmer, kinder Singapore of tomorrow. We would like to thank all who made the event possible,” said Steve Loh, General Secretary & CEO, YMCA of Singapore.

Our heartfelt appreciation to the following organisations for their support in the YMCA 21st Charity Golf: