Nominations for election to the YMCA Board

The YMCA of Singapore expresses gratitude to the following retiring members for their service to the Board:

• Mr Albert Ching
• Mr Ooi Boon Hoe
• Mr Tam Chee Chong
• Mr Teo Eng Cheong

Pursuant to Article 4, Section 17 (a-f) of the YMCA Constitution, the following members are duly nominated and standing for election at the YMCA Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 9 July 2020:

Nominees proposed by the Board of Directors of the YMCA under Article 4, Section 17 (b)(ii):

• Mr Leon Ng Koh Wee
• Mr Pek Hak Bin
• Mr Albert Ching, for a second term
• Mr Teo Eng Cheong, for a second term


Teo Zi-Ming
Honarary Secretary
1 July 2020

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