Happy Teachers’ Day


Happy Teachers’ Day to the following:
• Teachers of YMCA Child Development Centres
• Programme staff of YMCA Kindergarten Care Centres
• Mentors of YMCA Student Care Centres
• Teachers of YMCA Education & Learning Centre

Here’s a special prayer dedicated to them:

Dear Lord,

Look upon them with love as they strive to nurture the students in their care. Help them see the potential in each student and grace to help those who fall behind. Give them courage to say what needs to be said, wisdom on how and when to speak love. Grant our teachers Your wisdom. Give them grace and patience as they share the gift of learning with our students. Bless them, Lord, and may our teachers impact the students with their care, concern and love. Amen.

May the Lord continue to bless and guide our teachers and mentors as they embark on a journey to nurture Community Champions.

Special mention to the following teachers and mentors for their hardwork and dedication.


Congratulations Ms Pang Shuke from YMCA Child Development Centre @ Woodlands


Congratulations to Ms Espinosa Ilona Jean Palma from YMCA Child Development Centre @ Zhenghua


Congratulations to Ms Joanne Quek Xin Li and Ms Chen Fuxi from YMCA Student Care Centre @ Tao Nan


Congratulations to Ms Samantha Fernando from YMCA Student Care Centre @ Springdale


Congratulations to Mr S Gunaseelan from YMCA School


Congratulations to Mr Joseph Tan (Innovative Teaching Award) from YMCA School


Congratulations to Mr Nicholas Woo San Koung from YMCA Higher Education