YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteer Awards Night

The YMCA of Singapore recognises the efforts and contributions of its volunteers. To show its appreciation, the YMCA organises various appreciation events for these volunteers that culminate in the annual appreciation cum awards dinner. The YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme Awards was specially created to recognise and thank the volunteers who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the YMCA and to the various YMCA community services programmes for the year; and also to those volunteers who have made long term contributions.

Volunteers are the mainstay of the YMCA. They provide valuable service in a myriad of roles including organising community programmes, befriending, training, IT software application development, leading international programme trips, teaching to play musical instruments, teaching dance, providing mentorship to the youths-at-risk, reading to needy children, and photography, etc. With a few thousand volunteers serving the YMCA and in its programmes each year, it is difficult not to recognise all the volunteers and their contributions. However, the YMCA would like to recognise those outstanding volunteers for the year and those who have served the YMCA for many years, and use it as a platform to encourage others to serve, encourage other volunteers to excel in their service, and to take pride in their efforts to serve the less privileged in the community.

To read up more on the Awards Scheme, Criteria, and Award Categories, please click here.