Vocational and Soft Skills Programme

The Vocational and Soft Skills Programme (VaSSP) was spearheaded by YMCA Project Bridge in July 2011. It aims to equip out-of-school youth and youth-at-risk between 14 to 21 years old with specific vocational skills that youth can put to use in a job immediately.

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Vocational Training:


Under the guidance of experienced bakers from a renowned baking institute, youths will learn how to create and bake their own pastries.  Youths can also gain invaluable work experience in the food industry. Opportunities for further training and attachments can be facilitated. *For youth ages 16 & above only



This barista course is aimed at youths who are coffee enthusiasts and have keen interest to work in the growing coffee industry. The course will equip students with knowledge in operating the espresso machine, familiarise with the coffee-making process, as well as creating works of Coffee Art.



The basic culinary class exposes youths to different cooking techniques and a variety of local and western recipes. Youth will gain hands-on experience of operating in a commercial kitchen and dining environment which will increase their job opportunities in the Food and Beverage industry. *For youth ages 16 & above only


   Enrichment Teacher Assistant (pre-school)

For youth who are passionate about working with children, this course will allow them to procure the skills and experience required. They will tag along with a senior teacher to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of conducting enrichment lessons for pre-school students. *For youth ages 16 & above only


Event Management (Esports industry)

The course aims to train youths in skills that are necessary for them to pursue a career in the esports industry. The youths will pick up behind-the-scenes technical knowledge required for event planning, resource management, production and marketing & publicity of an esports event. *For youth ages 16 & above only


   Fishing (Fishing & Boat repairing)

Youth with a keen interest in fishing will gain exposure to the industry through hands-on training sessions including rod making, kayak fishing and boating.



Build a good foundation in the art of hairdressing and trend styling. Conducted by an established hairdressing school, this course will serve as a stepping stone for youths who wish to pursue further training in the profession as they learn to build a foundation in the art of hairdressing and trend styling. *For youth ages 16 & above only



For youth who enjoy working in the hospitality sector and putting a smile onto their customers’ faces, this course is the perfect fit for them. The course exposes youth to job scopes such as housekeeping, customer service and basic hotel management.


   Media Production (Filming)

For youth who enjoy producing their own media content and are fascinated by the media industry, the course will allow them to build up their experience in media production. Youth will undergo training in photography, video-editing, sound and audio, as well as make-up and hairstyling. *For youth ages 16 & above only


   Nail Spa

This course provides aspiring nail artists with the opportunity to pick up foundational nail art and lessons to build up their confidence in customer interaction. *For youth ages 16 & above only


   Web Design

This course aims to equip youths with basic knowledge in graphic design and software. Youth will learn how to evaluate websites, create and maintain quality web pages, and learn web design standards in the industry. They will also learn techniques for digital image enhancement. *May & October intake only




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