YMCA Special Needs Hospitality Training Programme


YMCA Special Needs Hospitality Training Programme

The YMCA Special Needs Hospitality Training Programme empowers and upskills individuals with special needs through hospitality-related vocational skills. Through leveraging on skills taught in special schools and providing tailored training in a real-life work environment, the programme builds their confidence, work capabilities and supports them in independent living. This programme is a part of the YMCA Financial Assistance and Capability for Employment Scheme (FACES).


Admission Periods

15 trainees are enrolled during each intake. Stay tuned for more information.


Programme Duration and Structure

Each trainee will attend the programme from Mondays to Fridays for 6 months. Upon completion of the programme, trainees have access to full-time employment opportunities at YMCA @ One Orchard, as well as selected companies in the hospitality industry.

Please refer to the SG Enable Annex C Job Functions and Training Modules for a more detailed breakdown of the training process.


Applicant Eligibility

-          Trainees must be graduates from Special Needs schools above 18 years old

-         Trainees must be diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities, such as down syndrome or mild autism, without physical disabilities

-           Trainees should face no building accessibility difficulties or require workplace enhancements

To apply, please email us at csp@ymca.org.sg.


Student Testimonials

Hear from Zana, one of our pioneer batch of students, on her experience under this programme: