YMCA Charity Golf 2023

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More than 120 esteemed golfers gathered together with hearts full of compassion and a shared commitment to make a difference at the YMCA 23rd Charity Golf 2023. The event, held at Tanah Merah Country Club on 28 June, was held in support of the YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme. 

The day began with a delightful lunch at Tampines Golfers’ Terrace. Following a warm welcome address and a thanksgiving prayer, the shotgun tee-off took place at Tanah Merah Country Club’s Tampines Course. Later in the evening, the participants gathered for a scrumptious dinner, the presentation of various tokens of appreciation and prizes.  

Associate of YMCA - Afton Chemical Asia Pte Ltd

Associate of YMCA – Afton Chemical Asia Pte Ltd 


Lim Kim San Team Winner - Team TEC & Kittens

Lim Kim San Team Winner – Team TEC & Kittens 


Lim Kim San Individual Winner - Martin Georojo

Lim Kim San Individual Winner – Martin Georojo 


Congratulations to our winners! The event concluded with a blessed draw and a heartfelt word of thanks, marking the end of a successful and enjoyable day. 

Our golfers’ collective efforts raised an astounding amount of over $187,450 for the programme, a true testament to their generosity and dedication. This incredible contribution will enable the YMCA to recruit even more volunteers and empower them with the skills and knowledge to carry out their social service endeavours with excellence. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our corporate donors and sponsors for your generous support.

YMCA 23rd Charity Golf_72ppi_Webpage Acknowledgement

YMCA 23rd Charity Golf__Webpage AcknowledgementYMCA 23rd Charity Golf__Webpage Acknowledgement

Strengthening Volunteers with the YMCA 

Within the local community, the YMCA has been a source of strength and support, nurturing youth volunteers and leaders, and empowering young individuals facing challenges and special needs. Through a myriad of initiatives, they have guided and uplifted these remarkable youth champions, helping them become independent and effective contributors to society. One such programme is the YMCA Youth For Causes, which provides invaluable mentorship and seed funding to 79 teams of youths, who went on to raise an impressive $373,412 to benefit 34 Social Service Agencies in 2022. 

The YMCA’s dedication to making a difference transcends borders. Their international service projects extend to countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal and many others. While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges, the YMCA adapted with resilience, ensuring that their service initiatives continued virtually until the re-opening of international borders that saw the resumption of physical expeditions. Through cultural exchanges and skills sharing, they found innovative ways to connect and make a positive impact on over 2,300 individuals abroad just last year.  

The YMCA 23rd Charity Golf 2023 was not just a fundraising event; it was a celebration of compassion and the power of volunteerism. The funds raised will directly support the YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme, a comprehensive endeavour that includes the YMCA-NUS Business School Volunteer Service Management Programme. This professionally certified course equips volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to make a lasting difference in their communities. Additionally, the annual YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteer Awards serves as a platform to recognise and honour the remarkable contributions of volunteers, inspiring others to join in creating a world where kindness and selflessness prevail. 

As the sun set on the golf course, a sense of fulfillment and gratitude filled the hearts of all those who participated. Their collective efforts, guided by love and compassion, will continue to transform lives and create a brighter future for all. The YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme stands as a shining example of the incredible impact that can be achieved when hearts come together in service to others. 

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