Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

YMCA HQ Building

The current YMCA building at 1 Orchard Road was completed in 1984. By God’s grace and provision, it has been a focal gathering place for members, international and local guests, as well as communities that YMCA serves and has impacted through the years.

For the last 38 years, we have made improvements to the building to better serve all members and visitors.  However, given the prime location, upcoming plans by the government to pedestrianise the stretch of Orchard Road around Istana Park, and to continue to better serve our members and visitors, we are of the opinion that it is timely to review the use of this site.  The optimisation of the site will also enable better revenue generation and provide an opportunity to reimagine our service to the community, especially youth.

To ensure that we do so after careful consideration of the possible options and without overburdening ourselves with financial debt, we plan to launch a Call for Expression of Interest and Conceptual Proposal exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to seek out proposals for partnership with YMCA to transform 1 Orchard Road – that is to demolish the existing YMCA Building and develop and operate a new and refreshed hospitality offering at Orchard Road. Pursuant to this exercise, interested parties will be requested to submit proposals based on a set of guidelines that include consideration of YMCA’s mission, vision and values, YMCA’s strong preference not to take on any financial debt and the relevant site restrictions.

All proposals submitted will not be legally binding on any party, and YMCA reserves the right not to proceed with any proposal submitted as part of the exercise. This helps to ensure that YMCA has the latitude and flexibility to make the most optimal decision possible. Additionally, any eventual decision to be made will be in consultation with members and subject to the concurrence of YMCA’s Board of Trustees as well as the approval of relevant authorities.

Should you or your company be interested to participate in this exercise, kindly contact our appointed consultant, Mr Poh Yu Khing at by 30 December 2022.

For more information or clarification on this exercise, please reach out to

We look forward to your prayers and support as we embark on this exercise to explore the transformation of 1 Orchard Road.