Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Can I bring my family and/or friends to the YMCA? If so, can they use the facilities?

Yes, members are allowed to bring a maximum of 3 guests per day to the Association (relevant guest charges apply) and they will have to be signed in to use the facilities.

2.  How will members be informed of the latest membership benefits and activities?

Members will be informed via email, YMCA’s quarterly Newsletter, Y Factor as well as notices put up around our premises.

3.   As a YMCA member, do I have to pay for the use of facilities?

Fees for usage of the gym and pool are as follows:


4.  Is my YMCA membership card transferable?

No. Your YMCA membership card is strictly non-transferable and must be produced upon request at the premises of MYMCA and YWCA. Actions will be taken against any member found transferring or misusing the card. In such instance, the card will be confiscated.

5.  What should I do if I lose or damage my membership card?

You would need to obtain a card replacement at the Members Service Centre in YMCA. For damaged card replacement, members have to produce the damaged card upon their request of replacement.

Replacement card charges are as follow:

Lost Card:

S$10.00 + GST

Damaged Card:

S$5.00 + GST

However, if you lose your card more than once within the same calendar year, you will be required to write in to Member Services Centre or fax to us at 6336 8003 to report the loss.

6.  I want to terminate my Membership. What should I do?

To terminate your Membership, you will have to fax in to Member Services Centre at 6336 8003, indicating your Name and Membership ID, to confirm your termination. All outstanding dues will have to be settled. However, there will not be any refund of any membership and/or course fee paid prior to the termination.