Mr Vincent Ha Kwang Yuen


Date of Appointment : May 2019

Vincent is the Chief Executive Officer of Lyte Ventures and Co-founder of Gushcloud International. An entrepreneur for more than 10 years with a couple of business exits under his belt. Gushcloud International is one of the market leaders in Asia for influencer marketing and internet talent representation. It currently operates across 10 countries. His work at Lyte Ventures has seen the development and launch of the first financial services platform for freelancers with the mission of creating a more financial assured future for the gig economy workers everywhere.

Vincent’s journey with the YMCA started in 2005 where he led the efforts to set up the University-YMCA (Uni-Y) club in Singapore Management University. He was the club’s founding President with a founding team of 6 other student committee members where they developed the Uni-Y brand and campus volunteer recruitment efforts and developed the first university community service camps integrated with the Y-Camp challenges for intellectually-challenged beneficiaries.

These efforts crystalised the core themes of serving the intellectually challenged, participating in international friendship exchanges and service projects, and promoting awareness of the YMCA’s community service programmes,  forming the framework for the Uni-Y clubs across Singapore campuses that followed.