YMCA of Singapore presents a series of exclusive decorative art pieces and photographs for auction at the YMCA Giving Gala.

Adorn your home or office with these exquisite works of art, all for a good cause!

As YMCA of Singapore is an Institution of a Public Character, all winning bidders will enjoy a tax exemption based on 250% of the difference between the winning bid and the reserve price.
e.g if the winning bid is $10,000 for an item with a reserve price of $5,000, the winning bidder will enjoy a tax exemption based on $12,500.

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Artworks by Y STARS

The Y STARS (YMCA Special Talents, Arts & Recreation Society) are a group of youths with Down’s Syndrome who possess a special love for dance, performing and visual arts formed under the auspices of the YMCA of Singapore. The Y STARS embrace the beauty of life and spread their message of love and individualism through public dance performances and displays of their artworks.

The art sessions at Y STARS act as physiotherapy to help the youth with Down’s Syndrome develop and retain their fine motor skills. Recent works, like ‘Blossoms in the City’ and ‘A Splash of Colour’ encourage them to interact directly with the materials with their hands, and aim to develop their mark marking abilities.

The wide range in abilities and motor skills of the Y STARS resulted in a fascinating variation among the final works. No two pieces are the same. It’s a beautiful glimpse into the extraordinary way they see the world.

1. ‘Blossoms in the City’
Sumi Ink & Acrylic Paint

Chinese Painting - Y STARS - Cropped 








Artist: Koh Yi Le, 23
Reserve Price: $800
Frame Size: 15″ x 19″

Painting Size: 10″ x 15″

This series was inspired by the aesthetic of traditional Chinese landscape and peach blossom paintings, adapted to depict Singapore’s Garden City.

After several exploratory sessions, the Y STARS were tasked to paint the modern Singapore skyline (or re-imagine the buildings and Climate Domes as ‘mountains’) using sponges and sumi ink, with a focus on basic lines and shapes. The trees and bushes of the Gardens by the Bay were created by blowing the black ink across the paper with straws, before finally dotting the colourful flowers and leaves on with their fingertips.

2. ‘A Splash of Colour’
Use of various coloured fabric dye

Tie Dye - Y STARS - Cropped







Artist: Michelle Lee Zi Hui, 19

Reserve Price: $1,000
Frame Size: 24″ x 21″
Art Piece Size: 19″ x 17″

This one-of-a-kind piece was created using the tie dye method, where cloth is bound and soaked in different coloured dyes. The Y STARS learnt this beautiful technique over several Y Arts sessions, conducted in collaboration with local artist, Wendy Zhang. More than just a fun activity, it aimed to improve their fine motor skills and encourage tactile sensibility. They enjoyed it so much that it  turned into two months of adding splashes of colour on everything: from cloth, t-shirts to even shorts!


3. ‘Transition’ by Edward Tian









Photographer: Edward Tian
Reserve Price: $2,000
Frame Size: 45″ x 33″
Photograph Size: 36″ x 24″

This framed photograph depicts the transition of day into night over central Singapore. 

Edward Tian is a Professional Photographer with Sony Alpha Imaging. His specialty is in the form of Architecture and Travel images which grace full pages of local newspapers and Singapore Tourism Board offices overseas. 


The below 2 items were generously donated by Mr Eric Teng.

4. An Autographed Jersey of Manchester United Football Player Ryan Giggs

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-11 at 5.37.41 PM









Signed by one of Manchester United’s and Wales’ greatest football players in history. Giggs totalled 963 appearances for United, scoring 168 goals, during a 23 year professional career. He is the record appearance holder for United.

This piece is framed and the item measures 23″ x 23’’.

The reserve price for the item is $1,200.

5.  A Nike T90 Football Boot Autographed by Manchester United Football Player Wayne Rooney

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-11 at 5.37.42 PM












Wayne Rooney is one of four players to score 200 or more Manchester United goals, which places him in an elite club alongside fellow Reds legends Sir Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and Jack Rowley. The striker’s place among the icons of Old Trafford was also secured via his appointment as club captain, an honour afforded to him on the eve of the 2014/15 season. He is also the most goal scored player for England.

This piece is framed and the item measures 21″ x 26’’.

The reserve price for the item is $900.