Vocational and Soft Skills Programme

The Vocational and Soft Skills Programme (VaSSP), was spearheaded by YMCA Project Bridge in July 2011 and aims to equip out-of-school youths and youths-at-risk between 15 to 21 years-old, with job competency as well as specific vocational skills in Culinary Art, Web Design, Coffee Bar Serving, Baking, Hairdressing, Hospitality and Makeup.

Vocational Training


Under the guidance of experienced bakers from a renowned baking institute, youths will learn how to create and bake their own pastries.  Youths can also gain invaluable work experience in the food industry.  Opportunities for further training and attachments can facilitated.



This barista course is aimed at youths who are coffee enthusiasts and have keen interest to work in the growing coffee industry. The course will equip students with knowledge in operating the espresso machine, familiarise with the coffee-making process, as well as creating works of Coffee Art.



The basic  culinary class exposes youths to different cooking techniques and a variety of local and western recipes. Youth will gain hands-on experience operating in a commercial kitchen and dining environment which will help them in their employability in the Food and Beverage industry.



Build a good foundation in the art of hairdressing and trend styling. Conducted by an established hairdressing school, this course will serve as a stepping stone for youths who wish to pursue further training in the profession as they learn to build a foundation in the art of hairdressing and trend styling.



Learn the basics of customer service and gain exposure to operations in the Food & Beverage industry.  On completion of the training, youths can communicate more confidently with customers and better understand their needs and expectations to build positive rapport with customers.



make up

Learn basic skin care and and make-up skills under the guidance of certified beauticians from an established beauty academy. Those who intend to pursue careers as professional make-up artists can be bridged to higher certified courses.


Manicure & Pedicure

The manicure and pedicure course is conducted by a recognised and established beauty academy.  This learning experience will help youths develop the knowledge and skills to provide manicure, pedicure, nail conditioning, general nail care as well as create aesthetic nail art.


Web Design

This course aims to equip youths with basic knowledge in graphic design and software. Youth will learn how to evaluate websites, create and maintain quality web pages, and learn web design standards in the industry. They will also learn techniques for digital image enhancement. 



Social Impact in Numbers (2016):


*Success is defined as youths who have secured work attachments, employment or returned to school to continue education

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